Thank you Dennis Manuge.

Thank you Dennis Manuge. Message, message, message…

Every time i hear, see or read a Liberal embracement of the words Sacred Obligation, I get a warm and tingly feeling… snicker. On a serious note, I/we have worked hard on the Sacred Obligation, it is the cornerstone Credo of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy and has been since conception.

I spoke, one on one, to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau on Remembrance day about the Sacred Obligation he, as Liberal the Party of Canada’s leader, has to those, such as Dennis, such as myself and thousands of others. HE must lead by example, he must earn our trust by voting day, he must embrace not some obscure covenant, no, but the Sacred Obligation we as a nation have.

Special thanks to Dennis Manuge for participating, the message is clear, the need must be defined in a manner the public can understand, then to empathize, then to do their Sacred Obligation by standing with the wounded, not against.

Write the prime minister, demand that he fulfills the Sacred Obligation by removing Fantino, placing someone who can regain veterans trust and most import6antly, comply fully and without reservations to the Auditor generals Report which, btw, justifies every issue the CVA has been founded to fight. The CVA has no members, we are an advocacy, not a social group orientated veterans organization.

You can join our fight, , you can be part of the collective that has embraced the Sacred Obligation. A simple email to the PM and Fantino will resonate in the now, their is pressure, lets keep it up until the reforms required have been met.

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