Sean Bruyea – Fantino – policy friendly stakeholders photo op

Dear Fellow Veterans and Loving Families
Another troubling photo op appended below from Minister Fantino’s Facebook page raises profound questions. It may be helpful to seek out input as to what is the name and organization of each present.
Please ponder the following:
1) A supposedly independent ombudsman who appears in clearly politically orchestrated photo ops
2) A purported soldier’s general currently appointed as DM doing the same
3) Organizations who refuse to declare their membership numbers claiming to represent you and the rest of the disabled veterans. Not one of the organizations present has publicly disclosed or validated their current CF veteran members, the ones affected by the New Veterans Charter. Dramatically revamping the NVC is the agreed upon priority of most of those present. Were comprehensive repairs to the NVC the main agenda item which at least one participant admitted was not provided to them on the afternoon before the meeting.
Some organizations present reportedly have memberships as low as less than a dozen members. The best case scenario is that all memberships combined of those organizations being represented amount to less than 7% of the serving and retired Canadian Forces population. These few individuals are deciding on behalf of nearly 700,000 serving and retired CF members and their more than 1 million family members. What gives them the right to determine your destiny?
4) One or no family members present for a department mandated to care for veterans and their families (dependants)
5) Organizations whose membership is principally or completely WWII or Korean war veterans speaking on issues related to the New Veterans Charter…the NVC does not apply to them in any manner whatsoever
6) The integrity of all the individuals present who would appear in an unabashed political photo op when it is widely known that photo ops are used by the political class to give an impression of widespread support to avoid fixing longstanding problems
7)A number if not most veterans present have self-declared as not only being unaffected by the New Veterans Charter but many admit not being clients of Veterans Affairs disability or treatment programs. Yet, they are making decisions which impact the lives of those veterans and families not present: injured veterans and their families affected by the New Veterans Charter
8) In Feb 2012, veterans present at the Veterans stakeholder meeting voted in favour to not participate in photo ops. Why the change now? What benefit does it serve veterans to bring about change?  This appears to benefit individual and political agendas only, not those most in need.
Yet, these individuals in the photo appear quite happy to be complicit in shutting out those very disabled veterans who are affected by the NVC and who know intimately what are the problems at Veterans Affairs Canada. Therefore they are the best place to start when looking for the fixes.
One must ask what personal or organizational expertise do the individuals in the photo bring to the table in intimately understanding how these programs function let alone what it means to be disabled.
Once the individuals are identified, please give the widest distribution of this photo. This photo captures one of the principal reasons why 9 years after the creation of the “living charter”, not one substantive legislative change has been made to the New Veterans Charter.
Far too many individuals claiming to represent disabled veterans and their families are complicit with government to present a good political face on a tragically negligent lack of action by government.
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