Eerin O’toole interview – The House with Evan Solomon

Please listen to the interview with Erin O’Toole. Erin served twelve years, air force, Captain. He would support a program that equates the sacrifice of the men/women he served with to a civilian negligence accident in Ontario. He also is the defacto spokesperson for Julian Fantino, who is in Italy. This subject is broached and while I have my own opinion, I will refrain in order to allow the conversation to be natural..

FYI, O’Toole is the parliamentary secretary for ANOTHER DEPARTMENT, Parm Gill is the supposed to be Fantino’s voice. Note also the forum refers to wherein Fantino was to be the keynote speaker. Fantino has refused to speak, has run off to to Italy, a trip that another MP had already been delegated to lead…..

Comments welcome, keep it clean, on point. This is a consultation process, I am always interested in the views of our supporters,

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