Are you a member of the Royal Canadian legion?

Are you a member of the Royal Canadian legion? Do you believe that the standard of respect we have accorded our World War 2, Korean and pre NVC should be accorded to the veterans of Afghanistan? Of Former Yugo? To all generations that will now be treated to the substandard level of respect of the NVC.

I have been critical of the legions position on the LUMP SUM AWARD Sacred Obligation standards, we seek equality to the Pension Act, we do not believe that there is any civilian comparison and have challenged the legion on their position as we feel the government will take the cheap way out, that the obligation will not be fulfilled.

The legion would champion recognition to that of a civilian award. Please listen carefully to Dominion President Eagles response the next day.

Note Mr Eaqles confirmation of my post, note that the believes your national service sacrifice on the battlefield equates to that of a civilian workplace injury/death in Ontario. Thats is what your sacrifice means to the Royal Canadian Legion, ANAVETS, national Council, both United nations organizations, UN Nato veterans… why are we standing alone? We have passed thew torch, do we not, of all Canadians, have the obligation to affect change..

Please, help me help the wounded, Listen to this interview and the one I did the day before, if my words resonate…. Supporting the troops sometimes means more than wearing red on Fridays. Write an email, step up.

Just mention equality to Pension Act on the sacred Obligation and my name, they will understand

CBC As it Happens radio.

First it is an interview I made on the sacred Obligation equality, the need to for pension act equality Each day we are on the second episode, half way through.

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