Another day in paradise….

Exhausting day, just finished last interview, London Free Press. Here is a radio interview done earlier, did many, three tv via Skype, multiple print…. ayy yyii yiiii… Fantino’s subsequent comments have,m as always with him, only added fuel to the fire. he claims that the 1.13 Billion dollars is not lost, that he can retrieve it next year. This is not possible, the minister is misleading veterans and all Canadians. Section 37 of the Financial Administration Act, 1985 declares any money not spent at the end of the fiscal year shall lapse, ie, be returned to general revenues.

Apparently Minister Fantino is not aware of the Act, or thinks he is above the law. Note the focus on ELB, how thousand of veterans were robbed from their Pain and Suffering pensions from 2006-12, unlike those of us on SISIP, they were denied full compensation of the money that the harper Government deprived them of for six long years.

No consequences, Minister Fantino?

Go to today’s date, 300pm, it is about a quarter of the way in…

Mike – CVA

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